Construction - Russell Hewes


Our construction expertise is at the centre of the RH package. We offer a comprehensive range of services to fit projects of all scales and requirements from innovative extensions to evolve and enhance your space, or general building works to refresh and update your home. Whilst we specialise in full-service builds, with quality design at the forefront of each project, we also bring the same level of passion to smaller build projects. Since our inception in 2013, we have gathered a core team of carefully sourced trade professionals who bring expertise from all areas of the field. Committed to providing the most innovative build services we ensure our offering is constantly evolving and growing to maintain our reputation as industry leaders working at the forefront of construction innovation. We limit the number of full-service projects we take on each year to guarantee we deliver the most exceptional service to each individual client. Our concept-to-completion projects range from £100k - £3m and can include extensions, full house fit-outs, and period conversions. Our construction services are available as part of our exceptional comprehensive design-to-realisation service or as stand-alone offerings.

From our initial consultation with each client - usually led by our founder and director, Russell - our dedication and commitment begins. We are the central point of contact in each new project and depending on the unique requirements of each build, we seamlessly bring together the construction, architecture, interior design, and project management teams via a finessed chain of communication with our client at the top. We are also equipped to work with external architects, interior designers, and industry professionals to fit our client's needs. This streamlined and simplified process results in a straightforward, timely, and cost-effective design-and-build experience that ensures each department is working toward the same goal: to realise our client's vision. At RH, we are the contractor, meaning our client doesn’t need to wait around for an external contractor to figure out the scope of work and cost. We cover your project from design to build, so are committed and plugged in during each stage of the process. We know what is possible and can advise on feasibility and costing early into your project, meaning no surprises and no delays. TEAM OF ACCREDITED EXPERTS Our team’s know-how is unrivaled. Fulled accredited, our build team has worked on all manner of projects and each comes with their specific areas of expertise be it groundwork, plumbing, tiling, or structural engineering. Our core team - many of whom have worked at RH since its founding in 2013 - are all fully compliant with today’s regulations consisting of NICEIC-certified electricians and Gas Safe plumbers. Both onsite and offsite our team works in a considerate and professional manner, we recognise that the home is a sacred space and endeavor to make the construction process a stress-free and smooth experience.